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Renounced Ownership (Apr-13-2023 04:10:24 PM +UTC)

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Papillon Token (PAP)

Top 10 meme

1000x GEM

To the Moon

Strong Community

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Papillon Token (PAP)

Phase 1: Presale

✓ Papillon Born
✓ Full Project Intro
✓ Website Launch
✓ Telegram Community
✓ Twitter Ready
✓ Soft Marketing
✓ Pinksale Presale

Papillon Token (PAP) - Stake

Phase 2: Staking

☛ Papillon Launch on Pancake
☛ 1000 Telegram Members
☛ 1000 Holders
☛ Big Marketing Starts
☛ Staking Platform Launch
☛ CoinGecko Listing

Papillon Token (PAP)

Phase 3: Binance AMA

☛ CoinMarketCap Listing
☛ Big Buyback
☛ Binance AMA
☛ 10,000 Telegram Members
☛ 10,000 Holders
☛ More CEX Listing

Papillon Token (PAP) to the moon

Phase 4: To the Moon

☛ 100,000 Telegram Members
☛ 100,000 Holders
☛ More CEX Listing
☛ The bigest Buyback
☛ Top 10 Meme Coins
☛ To the Moon
☛ New Roadmap


Papillon Token (PAP)

About Papillon

A Community driven coin is a cryptocurrency project that is has no specified owner and of course not a company structure behind it or a CEO deciding for its future.

Yes, Papillon Contract is Safe and Audited.

All diamond holders will receive Doge Rewards automatically in their wallet.


1000000 PAP
Total Supply

Presale (33.75%)

Liquidity (16.35%)

First Staking Pool (2,60%)

Burnt (47.30%)

Contract Address:


Fees 8% buy/sell
2% Doge rewards | 3% Marketing | 2% Buyback | 1% Liquidity

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Papillon Token (PAP)
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